Toyin and Jovi

3L1A3541 3L1A3483 3L1A3447 3L1A33813L1A3380 3L1A3378 3L1A3376 3L1A32163L1A3152 3L1A3148-Edit Toyin and Jovi

just having fun with this beautiful couple,


9 comments on “Toyin and Jovi

  1. Sahon! says:

    Insanely amazing shots!

  2. michael Gabriel Okoh says:

    Wonderful, I give it up for u! I was thinking of using a friend of mine for my wedding pix but now I’m thinking differently. Luvly work!!! Trust me it’s more than nice.

  3. Nice job boss, good use of lighting. Thumbs up

  4. Very colourful,I like it.keep it up amine.

  5. Yhaas says:

    Amin, nice work once again!!!

  6. Angie says:

    We’ve always known u’re the best,nice one Bro

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